Non Woven Wipe - V6033F
Non Woven Wipe - V6033F
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  • Non Woven Wipe - V6033F
  • Taichung City, Taiwan, Taiwan

Material properties: Made by synthetic fiber PET and RAYON, Using special synthetic techniques, The surface fiber is smooth and the fiber is not easy to fall off. Soft materials do not scratch the clean surface. High temperature and antistatic, can be used with a variety of solvents. For clean room class level Class3-9 Applies to: Dust-free environment equipment and tools Car paint laboratory Photoelectric plant semiconductor Circuit board special printing Product Description: Items : V6033F Nonwoven Wipe Material : PET + Raylon Basic Weight : 55(±5)g/m2 Size : 33cm × 33cm x 75P Quantity : 24packet / carton Color : white

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